Saturday, January 23, 2010

Secrets Revealed, Items Forgotten, Skills Taught, and Dealings of the Shady Variety

Today started out rather later than it was supposed to. I set the alarm in my phone and clicked the little button marked Sunday and that was that. I went to sleep and woke up annoyed to a phone calling, thinking "Who on Earth is calling me at this ungodly hour? Honestly!" then looked at the time... "Holy shit, 11? How is it 11?!? I set my damn alarm" and I opened up the alarm program and confirmed that yes, it's set for 9am on Sunday. And I realized what anyone reading already has. Today isn't Sunday. It's Saturday, and I set it for the wrong day. It was Connie who had called and was questioning whether she'd missed an important announcement like "We're not coming today." which, of course, she hadn't. I just suck at setting alarms. I texted Jen, got up, washed my hair and had to style it because I got a HAIR CUT!! (BAM! Secret revealed!!)

So an hour later I head out only to remember almost a mile from the house, that I left the flat iron on. I know it has an auto shut off and it's on the edge of the tub which won't burn, but I also have a kitty who could knock it onto himself, so I turn around and run in and shut it off. (mishap #1).

I finally get to the cafe a little over an hour late, and we hang out and knit and everyone says they LOVE my new hair. I bask in the glow.

So we hang out and knit for a while and decide the best plan of attack for the rest of the day is to leave Somersworth, get lunch at Subway in Dover, got to Rochester to stop at my house for the food and a pattern for the crochet party tonight, go to Barrington to get Jen's embroidery fabric and measure Jen's mom's laptop, then head to Newington to find a laptop bag, maybe yarn, buttons, and a CD. We look at Best Buy (where I did NOT find the CD I wanted to buy) and Staples for a laptop bag. No dice. Jen gets a call from her dad (a cop) while we're in Best Buy and he says he needs a backpack with very important-to-his-job keys inside and he needs it soon. Jen says we'll finish our stuff in town then head to her house then back to Somersworth to drop off the bag. We go to Jo-Anns and I find the yarn I need for mitts i need to make...

I loved these gloves the moment I saw them on the show and it is entirely necessary that I make them in order to properly mourn the loss of Rose from one of my new favorite shows. Seriously this episode killed me and made me cry. I honestly didn't think I'd get so attached to Rose but I really really did, and it makes me so sad that she's not on the show anymore (sad face).  The yarn I got is a bit brighter... more vibrant than what most people used but that's OK because it's NEW and I really love the color. Also because the lighting in here blows to the max, the color in this photo is not totally accurate, but it's close enough. (What's up, Facebook!)

So we leave Jo-Anns, both Jen and I finally getting what we came for we head out to go back to Barrington to Jen's for the backpack. On the way out of Newington Jen realizes we didn't go to TJMaxx for the bag. We'll check somersworth. We go the Jen's and get the bag.

And then I realize that ZOMGWTFBBQ I forgot the FONDUE POT! End of the world type stuff, this is. I call Shawn and ask if he can go to the old apartment, break in with a screwdriver and get it. He reluctantly agrees and then moments later calls back saying "Hey, you know what? Buy a new one. Target. 30 Bucks. Do it." But much longer than that with way more pauses to check things online. Cool. Target. Right near TJMaxx and we're only an hour late for the crochet party. Good timing us.

THEN!!! We get a call from Jen's dad saying that he needs to haul ass to a possible domestic abuse and he needs his keys! It's like a heist. We're going to meet in a dark parking lot and exchange a bag for cash (NO JOKE! there was a full exchange... it was only gas money, but still) We hit many red lights and we're freaking out because a woman or child could be being beaten to within an INCH OF THEIR LIFE!!!1!!111!!  This is suddenly the most important thing we've ever done. This is a mission and the timer is ticking and adrenaline is running high. We are SO CLOSE and we see his cruiser pull out of the parking lot and park in the turning lane near the parking lot because he saw us at the last minute and I quote "almost couldn't wait" (!!!) He climbs the snowbank between the lot and the road and Jen throws him the back and he tosses her cash, not even knowing if she had it in her hand or not (true story) runs back to his cruiser, flips the blues and takes off. Mission effing accomplished.

TJMaxx is a bust (figures) and we head to Target (where, surprise, there are no laptop bags that are big enough) for the fondue pot and some cute little barrettes for my new haircut (little kid molded plastic type ones with rabbits, birds, bows and other awesome things like that in salmon, mint, denim and white):

We take off and after many jokes about car accidents and broken ankles, we finally arrive at Holly's house TWO HOURS LATE. By 9pm, after eating mini-foods like quesadillas with jalapeno-jack cheese, spanikopita bites, mini blueberry muffins, and english muffin pizzas (great meal, by the way) we are off and crocheting by 9 pm. Jen is teaching Holly and I am teaching Robin and Mandy (with occasional help from Jen). We got them casting on, doing single and half-double crochet, and Holly even moved on to double crochet! Yay! Next lesson is double crochet, and granny squares. We had a really fun night laughing about putting it through the butt, "slutty" stitches, deep throats, and all sorts of other things involving crochet but sound wicked dirty (like "Sometimes I turn it over and use my nails to force it between the butt and the arms.") We did a lot of laughing then finally called it quits and ate some chocolate fondue which was so good. Also the one non-mini thing was a giant cupcake, which was a great juxtaposition to all of the normal food being tiny. It was a great touch on Holly's part. We actually tried calling and texting people to come eat the fondue but noone wanted to because it was midnight (note about the timeline of the night and when this was published. I'm predating this post so it shows as Saturday because I'm still awake so in my brain its not Sunday yet... you know how that goes.)
 We cleaned up a bit, and finally headed out and I got home around 1 or something. Thiessen came up and did his nightly thing of jumping up on my lap three or four times before finally settling elsewhere. He may be a big, fat, hairy beast, but he is such a lovey now that he's all alone...

Also check out how LONG! his whiskers are:

And now I'm sitting here listening to my girl-crush, Jenny Owen Youngs sound sort of like Alanis Morrisette and writing this post and wishing it weren't actually 3AM and way too late to start an episode of Doctor Who.

So I suppose I ought to head up to bed now... and maybe I'll read some Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters or The Shining. We'll see what I'm in the mood for when I finally get up stairs.

And lastly, my big goal tomorrow is write out something fairly detailed for Evelyn to post in the Writers Group and maybe even start chapter one, in between reknitting the ribbing on the mitt I just finished, working on a shawl, new mitts, maybe a second mitt, sleeping late, and watching Doctor Who, but obviously not in that order. Whooo... what a busy, lazy day I have.

Goodnight, my sweet loyal readers (who don't exist).
And if you've gotten this far: Wow. Honestly, I'm surprised I got this far and I'm writing the damn thing.


  1. jenny owen young? is that the same blind, christian singer jenny owen?

  2. I am so sad I missed the party! I'm glad it was fun! And I won't be at knitting again next Saturday because I'm going over to western MA. Let me know if you ever want to do anything during the week!

    Your hair looks seriously awesome.