Friday, January 29, 2010

I have run out of room on my Netflix queue. It is really no surprise as the movie that I just put in the mail (at 12:30 am) I have had for at least three months. Classic Jewelie. I am now resolved to watch the shit out of my netflix movies so I can empty it out and add more TV on DVD.

Aaaand onto the real stuff:
The past few days I've been noticing the mess around me more. I think it's because I like this apartment, and I want it to look as decent as a bunch of non-matching hand me down furniture can. The walls are still ugly as all get out, but I'm not noticing that as much as I did when I moved in. You fill a room with stuff, and you tend to not notice (as much) what is surrounding that stuff, I guess. There is still SO MUCH MORE that needs to be done. I have finally finished all of the laundry except for a pile (enough for a small load) in Sophie's room next to her changing table, and the clothes Shawn and I have worn in the past few days. It's exciting. I don't think we've ever been at this point in the laundry before without spending about 50 dollars. Having your own washer and dryer is amazing. I can be the kind of adult who separates clothes by color and washer/dryer setting. I have a rack to hang things that shouldn't be dried! I shouldn't be excited about these things but I really am!

I tried to unpack all of the boxes of bathroom stuff tonight but I just ended up making a ridiculous mess all over the bathroom floor because the one downgrade for the bathroom was the lack of storage. We have a pedestal sink (sort of) so there's no cabinet under it. It's just a wall mounted sink with no counter space (not awesome) and thin wooden legs holding it up. I am going to get some more of the yellow and purple tulips fabric from jo-ann's and make a curtain to go around the legs, so I can store things under there without them being ugly and cluttery. I haven't figured out HOW I'm going to hang it though. I was thinking about some screws with a really sturdy wire wrapped around them and the curtains going over that. The problem there is that it would be a real pain in the ass to take them down when they need to be washed.

OK, after some googling, I found that basically what I want is a sink skirt, only not one like this, because honestly, if my bathroom looked like this, I would take a razor to my wrists and spray the blood all over this garbage.

Seriously. That shit is horrendous. Anyway, speaking of sewing curtain like things, I really need to get on making curtains for the rooms that I already bought fabric for. The bedrooms each only have one window and right now we've got the super classy thing going: afghans hung as curtains. Yes, we are that awesome. I have enough fabric and lining muslin for all three living room windows and both windows in the office, as well as the one tiny window in the bathroom. I also have a thicker canvas-y type fabric in my stash for our bedroom. I have nothing for Sophie's room or the kitchen yet because I want really cute stuff, and I'm not going to spend 9 dollars a yard on fabric, so I'll just wait til it's on sale or I have a coupon. Speaking of that, super cute Valentines day fabric should be on sale any time now which means I need to carve some cash out of the budget to buy some. 

I've also been seeing the sneakier messes. Toothpaste on the mirror, cat hair on the side of the toilet bowl, cat litter EVERYWHERE. The kitchen floor needs to be mopped, the counters constantly need to be washed. There is cat hair on every surface, including the food, because honestly, that shit breeds faster than rabbits. I will open a brand new thing of butter, pick up the butter knife and BAM! hairy butter. I don't understand. Not one bit. The living room and office are also crazy cluttered, mostly with Sophie's toys, which are so ugly and annoying, but she's not old enough to be sequestered up in her room (as easy as that would be for Shawn and I). But I am looking forward to the day when we don't have to allow her larger toys to come downstairs (like this stupid dora vantiy that is sitting just a few feet from me). 

 Today I realized that it is the 28 (well, 29th now) and that (HOLY SHIIIIIIT!!!) my outline for my "short" story is due on the 31st. What? When did that sneak up on me? Despite this past month feeling like the longest 28 days of my life, I totally spaced that I needed progress for my writing group. I kept "trying" to write something but not very hard, or I would be set to and then BAM distraction. Also if I had time to write at work I would get so much done, as there is nothing else there to distract me except for really stupid people.

Speaking of my awful job, I almost flipped out at some wicked rude old lady because she was freaking out because I wasn't bagging her shit right. UGH. She emptied out a bag I'd just filled and then was telling me what to put where. I almost just chucked her shit and walked off, but I really don't need to be fired, so I had to deal with it. Then I willed her to get hit by a car on her way out of the store. It's a good thing I don't have magic powers because there would be SO MANY dead people. I did crush her lettuce and english muffins though, so that's good.
And on the topic of jobs, I sent my resume out to six different companies today, so hopefully I'll hear something back from them soon. I'm giving them until monday and then I'm going to make a bunch of calls to see if they're interested in mah bad self, or if the jobs are still available. God I need to work full time.

Wow. Sidetracked, much? Back to the writing thing: I really only need to do a solid outline of the first few chapters to get myself going, and then after that I will just write as the story comes, with a VERY basic set of guidelines. UGH. I really need to crack down on that, and don't have a ton of time to do it in. I suppose that I will probably have some free time/alone time on Sunday morning/afternoon before I go to Holly's house at 5 for the Dollhouse party (which I really need to catch up on the last two episodes before they expire tomorrow).
And speaking of Dollhouse, I think I'll watch Stop Loss now, so I don't risk missing it.

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