Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sometimes when I see the garbage people pass off as "crafting" or "art" I just want to tell them they're fucking terrible.

I mean.... slapping stickers on something isn't art, you fucktard. Otherwise, my three year old daughter is probably still more talented than you.

Whoa. You put made bingo cards into a really shoddy (and shitty) looking lampshade. I bet your decor is awesome...

I also bet your house is yellowed with cigarette smoke and even your mangy cats have emphysema.

Yes, I get it. This makes me a bad person. Whatever. At least I'm a bad person who is creative. And has the good sense not to post garbage online and pretend I'm fucking awesome.

Aaaaand it's time for bed for this grumpy bitch. Maybe the 90-year-old hips 'God' placed in my 25 year-old-body will stop hurting at some point and I will stop wanting to inflict physical harm on everyone.

Upside:24 days til I get a kitten!

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