Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I have been single now for just over a week. As this is a time of massive change in my life, I am going to give myself some goals for the next year. By Sunday, January 30th, I would like to have the following things:

  • A steady job which I've maintained for nearly a year. Full time, benefits, and decent income which will allow me to support myself, sophie, my *two* cats, a dog (that goal is coming up) and a social life. 
  • A two bedroom apartment that allows small to medium size dogs. I've given up my goal of a tiny little papillon, and decided to go rescue instead of pure bread for a plethora of reasons. A rescue needs me more than a pure bread puppy. I don't want to train a puppy. With a rescue I will get a pretrained dog, one that I know will be OK with the cats and Sophie. It is way cheaper. Couple hundred for a "used" (affectionate term) dog or 500+ for a brand new designer dog? I've always gone for the rip off brand, why change now?
  • Decent credit. I want to be making enough money to be able to (slowly) resurrect my credit. (not zombie credit though, like a Jesus resurrection)
  • As a reward for decent credit, a new car. Or at least saving for one. I want a Nissan Cube. A standard, because it feels weird to drive a regular one. Maybe by 2012 they'll have them in pacific blue and I get get a TARDIS license plate. That would just be the cherry on the cake.
  • I want to be smoking hot. Fit and toned and awesome. I want to be learning some sort of awesome self defense where I'll be able to grab a big dude and flip him over my shoulder like Buffy does in that self defense class she takes in high school where the closet gay guy grabs her. (spoilers)
  • Single. Still. Maybe getting ready to be in a relationship again. I feel like I've just cursed myself by saying that. that somehow demanding myself to stay single for a year willl mean I'm going to meet my dream man in like three months. Well, if he's such a dream he'll be OK with waiting.
  • And totally superficially: I want to be fucking FLAWLESS at painting my nails. Seriously. I'll be 27. If I still have to clean off 1/3 of what I've painted on my then I should just quit trying to be girly. It's ridiculous how bad I am.
  • OH OH OH! And to have visited at least two of my out of state friends... most likely Pete and Will because c'mon. NY and fucking POTTER WORLD? That's a goddamn guarantee that I'll be going there. I definitely wouldn't mind going to vegas but honestly? It doesn't hold a fucking candle to potter world. Seriously. I would punch your baby for some butterbeer.
So that's it. It seems like a lot, but I've got a year, and some of that? I don't even have a choice on it. It's just on there so that later I get to cross stuff off. Also? The dog I want? This precious little baby. I NEED her and more importantly, she needs me. I check on this page EVERY DAY to see if she's been adopted yet. Seriously? I'm smitten. Except the name. Cindy? That shit's gotta go.
You'll notice I didn't put anything about writing on there? See, here's the thing. Those are big goals and they'll take a lot of effort. Yeah, I'll keep thinking about writing, and I'm sure I'll have more chick-lit fodder by then (women eat this whole single after six years w/ a part time kid shit UP! They fucking love it.) but it's not a priority right now. I will do NaNo again though, so we'll see what happens. 

Also? I need to blog more. It feels good to get this stuff out of my head, regardless of someone reading it or not... though I hope people do. Sort of . 

Well, I'm off to stare at my resume and try to figure out how to put "i filled cartridges with ink" and make it sound like "that makes me totally competent to do data entry for you". Tough times.

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  1. I happened upon your blog quite by accident, I often use the next blog function from my own to see if anything interesting comes up, and after reading a few of your entries was nearly in tears, giggling and kicking my feet in spasms. I thought the way you wrote was engaging, humorous, sarcastic and open. I liked it. I feel the same way you do about butterbeer. Ha! That seriously had me in stitches. Anyway, I wanted to follow your blog but you write about some pretty personal things (and granted you are broadcasting them out into the web) but it just seemed rude not to ask if you were alright with that. I hope that your own rants and tribulations will help unlock my own writing voice. So, either way I hope things work out for you and wish you the best. Also I would love to find out what you think for HP Lovecraft who is one of my favorite authors.