Thursday, November 19, 2009

(edit: Not a) Disappointment.

So far, we haven't heard anything from the prospective landlord, which leads me to believe we didn't get the apartment. As much as I tried not to, I had my hopes up for that place. It is probably a lot better than anything we're going to end up with... with our credit and (probably) bad reference from Jennifer.

And our landlord does want us out because supposedly people have refused to buy this shit hole because of the cat smell. Oh, really? It's not the Kool-Aid man shaped hole in the basement wall... aka FOUNDATION? It's not the mountain range that has formed in the bottom floor apartment due to how much the house shifts? The fact that all of the windows need replacing? The doors on the upstairs apartment don't shut or lock properly (and the bottom door doesn't even have a door knob?) No? It's the cat smell? The least expensive thing to fix? Congratulations. You're an idiot. And if anyone did say that, they were lying. This place is a garbage dump and is only worth the land its built on. AND SWEET BABY JESUS 174,900??? Are you serious? I'm actually shocked the price tag is that high. I thought for sure it'd have gone down by now. It can't possibly be worth this much.

Back to Craigslist I go, I suppose. I'll give him til tomorrow night to fully give up on him but once again... I am assuming it's a no.

ETA WE GOT IT!!!!!!!!!

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