Saturday, November 7, 2009

Not Quite a Book Club, but almost...

The Year of Steven King Reading List
(beginning with a selection of stand-alone books and short story compilations, then moving to books related to The Dark Tower Series)
* important
#1-7 Dark Tower Series
+mild importance

Stand-Alone Books
•    The Shining
•    Misery
•    Needful Things
•    The Green Mile
•    Carrie
•    Tommyknockers
•    Night Shift
•    Different Seasons
•    Four Past Midnight
•    Nightmares and Dreamscapes
•    Just After Sunset
The Dark Tower (The Epic Version)
•    Eyes of the Dragon *
•    The Gunslinger #1
•    The Talisman *
•    The Drawing of the Three #2
•    The Regulators + (Richard Bachman)
•    Bag of Bones +
•    The Wasteland #3
•    The Stand *
•    Wizard and Glass #4
•    Desperation +
•    Skeleton Crew +
•    Salems Lot *
•    Wolves of the Calla #5
•    Rose Madder +
•    Everything Eventual +
•    IT *
•    Song of Susannah #6
•    View from a Buick 8 ( I don’t know… ask Matt)
•    Hearts in Atlantis *
•    Insomnia *
•    Black House (sequel to The Talisman)
•    The Dark Tower #7

Note: We will begin in January, and other than the Dark Tower Series (The EpicVersion) the books wont be read in order. I'll take suggestions for which should be read first, but I'm leaning toward Misery or The Shining.


  1. This sounds so great! I'd love to join in for some of them if they are at about a "one per month" pace, like you originally said. I'm psyched to see The Tommyknockers on there. It's not one of his most popular books but I know it will be one of my favorites. I've already read The Shining, and I remember it being just okay, but very easy. I'm also really interested in Needful Things, The Stand, It, the (actual) Dark Tower series, and every single short story. I notice some of the "Epic" order has you reading some books before they came out, and some books way after they came out. Weird, but I'll have to trust Matt on this.

  2. Well, it's not the order that they came out, its the order of their importance, I guess? Characters getting introduced, things happening? So I guess we'll be reading a book and then go to the next book in the actual series and go "ooh, hey, we just read about him."
    Should we all get notebooks and take notes on things that we want to talk about? Should this be a real reading group?

  3. FYI If you go to and click on the Dark Tower tab at the top, then go to Conncections it list out every novel/story that has a connection to the DT and what it is.

    Also, I would up for it being a real-ish book club. Maybe we could get two or three books done and then discuss, instead of doing one at a time.

  4. Are there spoilers? And does it say them in order?

  5. Yes, there are spoilers. I read a couple about the books I've already read, and they don't really make sense yet. They aren't listed in the same order Matt put them in. There also reader-submitted connections, too.