Monday, November 9, 2009

Getting Sickly

I believe I've officially spent too much time with my sick friend. My nose is sniffly, my back hurts and I have a headache.
Hmm... or it could be the stupid fabric softener my daughter came home with her clothes reeking of. Seriously, why do they all smell so strongly.
I'm also really effing tired and despite having another day off where I should be writing, especially because I have no real plans today, I am so not in the mood. Although come to think of it, this is really all I am in the mood for... pretending to talk to people about every single little pointless thought I have. How very self involved of me.

I was supposed to make lasagna this weekend, and I completely forgot, so now there is a lb of bad burger in my fridge. I am awesome. I'll make it today with the sausage, I guess.

Holy shit, I am so dull.

ugh, i've even lost interest in doing this...

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