Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day NonCelebration Success!

So, despite not having any real plans, Shawn and I hung out together and had a lovely valentines day. We didn't have any arguments, we talked about our someday-plans, and we went shopping. We even went out to eat... only because we were already out and hadn't eaten at home. It was a complete success.

Even though Shawn locked his keys in his car this morning at work and had to get a ride home, then back to work, from his boss. Whatever. Things happen. It did not hamper our fun at all.

Funny story: I went to bed late last night feeling grumpy, wanting a dog, and hating people and being pissed about kill shelters and crying a little over the page of "last chance" dogs I found last night. Poor puppies. It makes me so sad that they're going to be put down soon because people are assholes, irresponsible or stupid. At least when we got a dog that we couldn't take care of anymore, we gave him to someone who would love him and take care of him. (plus it's good that we gave him to Shawn's parents when we did because I have developed a pretty serious allergy to him, so I wouldn't have been able to keep him anyway). OK, back to the story...

I set my alarm because I knew Shawn was going to be at work and wouldn't be home to wake me up so I could get to Miriam's house to make curtains. (we'd been planning this for President's Day for a couple weeks and I was excited that the day had finally come.) So this morning, my alarm went off and I woke up, turned it off and then laid there for a few minutes trying to figure out why the heck my alarm was going off... what was it? what was it again?? OH right. Miriam's house. Before D&D. Which I do every monday....

A few moments later I realize what you all noticed the moment you read the above paragraph, I am an idiot, and it is sunday. I don't need to be awake. I sleep til Shawn calls me around noon to come downstairs and let him in the house. We're back to wear I started now.

I do my make up and get dressed and ready to go out clothes shopping with Shawn, (because andy is on his way to bring us back to our car). I get to use my new eyeshadow and lip gloss for the first time (ooh, girly and exciting) and I'm pleased with the way both colors look on me. Finally. I think that, at 25, I'm finally learning what colors are good for my skin tone. Only about 10 years after I start using it.

We go to Chilis for lunch where I learn they've taken one of my favorite items (cobb salad with the best deep friend chicken EVER) off the menu. The waitress tells me I can get it anyway, but without egg. Not such a big deal, but it was a good addition. I order my first soda since January 2nd, but it's OK-I only had one and it wasn't even Dr. Pepper which I have a substance abuse problem with. I get a sprite with blackberry. I enjoyed it immensely, sipping slowly and savoring it because I know I'm only having one. But one was enough. Good for willpower.

Next is Kohl's where I get two jersey knit cardigans, three pairs of socks, a graphic tee, and a really cute knit trench coat, which is really just a fancy sweatshirt. I LOVE it and I love the way I feel in it. And all for ~$85.
We go to the mall where, at Ann Taylor Loft I get five shirts for $32. Then at Express I get one more for $6 when I thought it was $10.
Guys, you won't really understand this but Ladies: I won Shopping today. I looked great in all but one thing I tried on, and I loved everything I got AND it was all on sale or clearance. I'll say it again: I won!
And here's proof. My hair doesn't look great but everything else does. (also, pretty much every shirt I bought is a boob shirt. Weird.

(I swear I'm not wicked vain, I just wanted to show off my new clothes. And yes, I only like how I look from one angle/side.)

We went to Breaking New Grounds in Portsmouth where I drank a freaking delicious Chai and unknit the last row of my Swallowtail shawl that I needed to undo so I could get on track and after all of the problems I've had with the last inch and a half or so of shawl, I have the right number of stitches!! Happy dance! Jazz hands! High Fives and Fist Pumps (like a champ, obviously) all around! I am so psyched. Shawn then orders the new (RED!!!) 120 gb zunes we've been talking about getting. This day gets better and better. We chat a bit... but I don't get anything productive done on my story like I [halfheartedly] wanted to. Boo.
I remember that I need the next books for my book club: Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials so we stop at Barnes and Noble where I get a super pretty box set (pictured above in the slide show) for 32 dollars (hooray Jen's discount card!). I am REALLY excited to read these books again. I loved them the first time, and I'm excited to go on this adventure with people who haven't read them-especially the ending which is just SO cool.

On the way home we talk about writing, and why we want to be writers. We talk about our dreams. He says he loves New Hampshire. I think about it and say honestly, I hate it. I love my friends here, but I hate winter, muddy springs, humid summers. I hate slush and frost heaves and the way salt makes your car disgustingly dirty. The only good thing about New Hampshire is the colors of the trees in early autumn, and the morning of the first snow, when everything is pure and untouched. When the trees are heavy with nature's frosting. Before the plows and sand and footprints. Before you have to drive in it, and maybe crash into a van and then have to fight with an insurance company (who eventually gives up when they realize they don't have a leg to stand on, and I am NOT going to pay them back, especially money for damage that is NOT my fault. Ever.). Also I love Portsmouth. But I feel like I could find a place like that elsewhere in the country, where it's nicer year round.

And really, I'd like to live in Italy or the South of France, where the water is glassy blue and the sand is white and a moped is a valid form of transportation. Where there is an open air market where you don't feel like everything looks like it's been stepped on and will taste like exhaust.

And we talk about how we have to write, have to get published (if Stephanie Meyer can, I have to believe I can) and have to make money to give ourselves the life we actually want. And then I say that despite all that, we're still going to go home and watch TV or play videogames because we suck.

And that is basically what we do. Slackass lazy bastards? Yes, we are.

Then I did a little photo shoot for myself, and that brings us to now. All in all, I had a really enjoyable day with Shawn, but I'm still glad we didn't exchange cards or gifts because I think that bit is overrated. Plus regular cards suck, pretty much. We spent time together, happily, talking and enjoying each others company.

It was a very, very good day.

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  1. You are just too cute. And lucky! What great deals! Wear something on Saturday. xo