Friday, May 13, 2011

Possibly Pointless Post

Does alliteration make me look smart, or like an asshole.

I spent the day knitting at the park and guess what I have? A super cool sunburn that is on only half of my back that's peeking out over my shirt. It looks pretty awesome, let me tell you.

While I was at the park I saw a bunch of cool people, like a dickbag who thought it was cool to play the drum (yes, one drum) by himself on a bench, and then sitting in the grass shirtless. He kept doing it on and off and I had to turn my music up way too loud so I didn't hear his shitty drumming over it. Fucker. He was there for at least an hour, seriously damaging my calm. 
Look at this fucking asshole. What a goddamn chode.

When he finally left, he walked past me (still shirtless, mind you, with his ass hanging out of his pants) he had those massive back pockets with huge, gaudy embroidered crosses on them. I think its safe to assume he has never had consensual sex.

I was wearing this hat:

which I made and is fucking awesome. It was a big hit with my sixteen year old nephew and his friends (ages 16-20), who I ended up sitting with for about an hour because my friend Amanda was there with them, even though she's 23. She didn't know any of the younger guys, just the 19 and 20 year old girls, but I still felt creepy and weird. And happy that I wasn't in high school anymore because jesus christ are they some catty bitches. And the guys? Dumb as fuck. (Sorry teenage boys, y'all are fucking terrible).

Also at the park I met a couple old ladies who were very interested in my knitting and impressed with my skills. I know a lot of knitters get all up in arms when people ask them what they're doing and they have to stop and show what they're making but like... you're doing something most people can't do, and you're doing it in public. Calm the fuck down and show off your skills, bitches. 

And as far as knitting goes, I fixed the Swallowtail Shawl that was missing a couple stitches the other day so I can finally start working on actual progress on that, and had to re-cast on the Totoro Mittens I'm working on

In good news (that wasn't already posted on Twitter) I had a job interview yesterday at Uno's with a guy I worked with when he was a manager in training at Chili's a few years ago. I have a second interview (tentatively scheduled for, assuming he's working that day) Tuesday at 4 pm with the GM of that restaurant. I am pretty confident in my ability to get the job there. Hopefully I can get decent hours/shifts, and maybe even train for bartending, which would be awesome. I'm pretty sure that if I *don't* get this job, i should just kill myself, because if I can't waitress, I can't do anything. It's like getting turned down for market basket. Yikes.

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