Saturday, May 14, 2011

Random Paragraphs Slung Together

So since I wrote myself a list of goals, I managed to complete... oh... none of them?
I haven't written anything new in Farthing, but I am waiting with bated breath for a bit of a review from a Darach, who is the first person to read everything except for the prologue. I feel like it might have been a mistake to let him read it. What if he wants to read more of it? It's going to be a while, probably. What he if wants to read other stuff I wrote? He better like chick-lit and sex scenes, because whoa. That's pretty much all I can write. That's not true. I'm awesome and can write anything I want, but it's all I can write quickly and easily. Seriously? Chick-lit is stupid fun to write. And what I write is only a couple steps up from romance. embarrassing, right?

Anyway, all I've gotten from him so far is that he really liked the prologue, then he was reading it again last night and said that it drew him in (or that was his excuse for not coming up with a retort when I handed him his ass) so that's good. I want it to have draw. I am excited to get working on it again... I don't know why I'm such a slack-ass when it comes to writing. Afraid to finish it and fail?

No. I'm just lazy.

OH! I did complete one goal: I called the places I applied. I got an interview that lead to nothing so far, but hey. I did my part.

I didn't pick up Sophie's Stupid Afghan at all. I brought it with me to nerd night and promptly forgot that I had, otherwise I would have worked on it. Perhaps it could have helped me stay focused instead of being super drifty-brained.

And I definitely didn't go to the gym enough. In all fairness, my knee has been super swollen and painful... possibly due to the weather or arthritis or kicking my ass at the gym previously? I don't know. It could also be a voodoo doll for all I know.

Let me think of what else is going on lately...
My car broke. Straight died on the side of the road. Awesome.

Sophie made a massive mess of water and makeup in the bathroom, then lied about it. Then lied about it some more. She got her hand popped about six times (each time I caught her in a lie) and had to sit on her bed by herself (without toys or stuffed animals as well) for about a half hour. I was LIVID. That foundation is discontinued too, and I did have like... six months worth left. Now? Maybe a couple weeks? And then I had to clean up the whole mess she left because she's terrible at cleaning, and I didn't want to have to make her do it and then have to do it right later. That's not punishing her, it'd be punishing myself.

Still reading Fragile Things and The Graveyard Book by Gaiman, and Needful Things by King. I really need to work more on NF for the Slackass Book Club, but I haven't been in the mood for heavier reading. And with what happened at the end of chapter 17, well, it's a little depressing.

Weight loss is going really well. It's gotten to the point where I feel like I look a little strange in the mirror, because I'm not used to my thinner face, which is awesome, and while I'm not super thin, when I stand sideways, there's not really a belly bulge anymore, which is fucking fantastic. I'm not ready to jump into a skimpy bathing suit yet, but I am definitely feeling pretty fucking confident while I'm dressed, so FUCK YEAH for that.

Job hunt is still fruitless. I applied to Unos and need to call tomorrow to talk to the manager. I'm pretty confident that I'll end up with a job there if they're indeed hiring. I'll stick with that until I can either A) find something full time or B) get a second job if they're not able to give me full time hours. While I don't like waitressing, I'd rather do that than cashier for two reasons: cashiering fucking blows and my ass will look fantastic after walking constantly.
 It's a shame that at Unos you have to wear that awful blue button down... that won't accentuate my boobs at all. How am I supposed to make any money?

I have no real end for this terrible post other than this:

I blog like an asshole. Sorry.


  1. Needful Things has been like most King for me, good but slow moving in the middle so difficult to pick back up. I like it, and I'm not to chapter 17 yet so maybe I'm just missing out, and it's good, it's just slow.

    That's sweet that you're working out and stuff, because I sure as shit am not. Everyone says those fucking shape up ass shoes work great. Maybe get a pair of those, or whatever. The fuck did you do to your knee? You're like 24, you shouldn't have shit knees yet.

    I still wish I had time to read your book because I really would love to, as long as it at least partially reflects your inner and outer cynic. Alas, I work too fucking much and don't have motivation to do anything but watch TV when I'm not at the office.

    Keep the posts coming. I read them if and when I have time. I really should start putting my thoughts down like this again. I feel like it would help keep my brain active. I comment like an asshole so it's cool.

  2. Farthing is much more action adventure, so not much cynic. Sorry, dude.

    I really missed blogging. I've thought about posting some video blogs because it's way less work than typing, but I'd still need to write stuff down to say or Id just end up talking out of my ass. But not like in Ace Ventura. That shit's played out.

    Also: I'm 26. I'm only like 5 months younger than you. My knee is just jacked up. Thanks, genetics. You fuckers.

  3. Haha so I'm shitty with birthdays and ages. It's cool.

    My knees are kind of jacked up too. Movies really mess me up if they are full and I don't have a seat by the front bar. And I think at this point talking out of your ass Ace Ventura style is about to be back en vogue so keep a look out and keep some binaca handy.

  4. Dude! I have the same problem in movies. I can't have my knee bent for long periods of time. Fuckin stupid joints.

    I guess I'll have to stock up on binaca. (does that still exist?)